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    Bodybuilding Posing Guide
What YOU Need to Know!
Find out how to flex and pose to survive the judging! Learn the best poses from the pros and how to do them step by step!


Original content By: Travis Smith

Bodybuilding Posing Guide with Pictures and Tips!

This free Bodybuilding Posing Guide will help you in posing and flexing for bodybuilding competitions and understanding the basics of each pose and the rounds of a competition.

It's not just about having a sculped need to know how to pose for the highest marks! There are some basic posing strategies that all competing bodybuilders must know.

Round One: The Seven Compulsory Poses.
In nearly every bodybuilding competition, there are "rounds" of posing routines. The first round is generally composed of the seven compulsory poses. Any of these standard competition poses are probably ones you have practiced in the mirror. The keys to good posing lie in endless practice! Get a technique down for each pose which makes you look your best and fully portrays your physique. The Seven Round One Poses:

Front Double Biceps
Front Lat Spread
Side Chest
Back Double Biceps
Back Lat Spread
Side Triceps
Front Abdominal-Thigh Isolation

Round Two: Relaxed Poses.
The main point of this round is to stand flexed as much as you can get away with, while still maintaining a relaxed look on your face. You are required to display the muscularity in your body from the front, left sided, back, and right side. More info.

Round Three: Free-Posing.
Round three is where you will present your unique routine set to music. It gives you a chance to let your strong points really shine, while hiding any weaker areas. More info.

The Posedown (The Top 5).
This is it! It's you versus 5 others duking it out in the battle for all the marbles. Quite energetic an animated, the posedown is truly the piece de resistance of any bodybuilding competition. More info.

Contest Grooming: Tips and Tricks.
If you are wondering what color of shorts will best compliment your skin tone and hair, we have the answer! Insider's tips on hair styling, shaving down, skin color, what not to forget and more. More info.

Better Posing Picture Gallery.
A huge bodybuilder posing picture gallery organized nicely so you can find out how to do each and every pose! Click the thumbnails to enlarge. Enter.

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Round One: Compulsory Poses
Front Double Biceps
Front Lat Spread
Side Chest
Back Double Biceps
Back Lat Spread
Side Triceps
Front Abdominal-Thigh Isolation
Round Two:
Relaxed Poses
Round Three:
The Posedown
The Top Five
Contest Grooming
Tips and Tricks
Better Posing
Picture Gallery
Competition Combos

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Our number one recommendation for learning, performing, and understanding professional poses is to get the Perfect Posing Videos. There is no better way to learn to pose than to have a teacher in your house on video showing you exactly how it is done. Now available DVD! Click here!

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Travis Smith. Travis has been involved in health, fitness and supplementation for over 15 years and has worked in the industry since 1998. He is a fitness and nutrition enthusiast with a mission to help people from all walks of life to improve their bodies and reach fitness success! He operates many online health and fitness resources including

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