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Protein is only used for muscle building.

Protein is used by the body for a number of things including cell repair, growth and tissue structure.

Your Guide to Fitness, Nutrition and Getting Lean!

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  Low Carb Diets: Latest Studies Positive!

Good news! The latest studies show the low carb diet does in fact produce greater weight loss results than the low fat diet and that it is safe. In one of the studies, 63 men and women aged 44 who were obese were put on a 12-month diet. One group was on the low carb diet, the other on a conventional low-fat, high carbohydrate regime.

After three and six months, those on the low carb diet lost almost twice as much weight - an average of 21 lbs. After a year, the low carb dieters were down to an average weight loss of 14 lbs. compared with about 6.5 lbs. for conventional dieters.

The study found that dieters also had significantly greater increases in good cholesterol (HDL) and greater decreases in triglycerides compared to the conventional dieters, meaning that despite higher fat intake, heart disease risks were actually lowered. Amazed, Dr Samuel Klein, of Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis said, "This study demonstrates that a low-carbohydrate diet can have beneficial effects in treating obesity."

But what about the elevated protein intake? Doctors and dieticians have long complained that "too much" protein puts adverse pressure on the kidneys. But a recent study indicates this is only an issue for people who's kidney function is impaired to begin with. To check your kidney health, a simple urine test can be performed.

Specifically, the 11-year study followed 1624 women aged 42 to 68 years. The women answered questions about their eating habits and researchers evaluated blood samples to assess kidney function. 489 of the participants had a mild kidney problem to start with. After evaluating the remainder of women with normal kidney function, no link was found between high-protein diets and worsening of kidney function. However, among women who already had a mild kidney problem, a high meat protein diet showed somed worsening in kidney function. Nevertheless, dairy and vegetable proteins were not linked to impaired kidney function.

In another low carb study, researchers at the US Department of Veteran Affairs found those limited to 30g of carbohydrates daily (two slices of bread) lost an average of 13 lbs. compared with 4 lbs. for those on a low-fat diet where less than 30 per cent of calories were allowed from fat.

Clearly the low carb diet has its place in weight loss. The studies were reported in the New England Journal of Medicine. (References following the article.)

As the Low Carb Trend continues to gain momentum, the focus is on including high quality protein sources in your diet to replace those insulin-stimulating carbs.

One of the best ways to supplement your diet is with shakes and bars. We review the top sellers and give you some ideas as to what are good choices. Read on!

All About Protein

Protein has all kinds of uses in the body, not just muscle building. It is used as structural material for cells and tissues, keratin of skin and elastin of connective tissue to name a few. It also plays a role in providing essential building blocks that help regulate the body in an incredible number of ways. So, it's important. How much should you consume? The RDA is 0.8 grams per kg (.36 grams per lb). Depending on your goal and which diet plan you follow, this number may seem a bit low. In fact, many experts have recommended as high as 1 to 2 grams per pound of body weight, especially if you're on a low carb diet. To get a feel for your requirements based on your goals, check out our protein calculator.

The basic building blocks of protein are amino acids. Because of the all-or-none rule followed by the body, all amino acids needed to make a particular protein in the body must be present in a cell at the same time and in the right amounts. Because of this fact, it's good to make sure that you're not only getting enough protein, but that the amino acid profile contains all the essential aminos (ones your body cannot make on its own). This is another reason why protein supplements are a good way to go, generally manufacturers pay attention to the all-or-nothing rule. There are eight essential aminos for adults: tryptophan, methionine (cysteine), valine, threonine, phenylalanine (tyrosine), leucine, isoleucine and lysine. Histidine is essential for infants as well.

Protein bars and shakes are good, convenient and high quality sources of protein. We highly recommend them!

Low Carb Straight Protein Powder

Top 5 Sellers
 1. Optimum 100% Whey Protein  
 2. AST VP2  
 3. Dymatize Elite Whey  
 4. Syntrax Nectar  
 5. Optimum 100% NATURAL Whey  

Straight protein supplement powders are low carb by nature; however, many manufacturers add in sugars to make it taste better. The low carb ones tend to be pretty much straight protein or use a sugar substitute that has little or no caloric value. These are great for those low carb diets and also for those who want to control their macronutrient intake with more precision, getting carbs from other sources. One caution: for the post workout shake, a little carbs are good to help your body absorb the protein easier by initiating an insulin spike.

Least Carbs Per Serving

Syntrax Nectar
0 Grams Per Serving
Bioplex Pure WPI
0 Grams Per Serving
Dymatize ISO-90
0 Grams Per Serving
MuscleMania EZ Boost
0 Grams Per Serving
Nature's Best Zero Carb Isopure
0 Grams Per Serving
View All Sorted By Least Carbs - Go

Highest Protein To Carbs Ratio

D&A IsoPlex
26 - 1 Ratio
Prolab 100% Pure Soy
25 - 1 Ratio
Universal Specialized Protein For Dieters
24 - 1 Ratio
Urban Biologics Isolate-X
24 - 1 Ratio
24 - 1 Ratio

Low Carb Protein Bars

There's nothing better than a tasty protein bar...seriously! The old days of bars you had to choke down are there are so many great tasting protein bars on the market, there's really no excuse anymore not to get the protein you need. Especially when the bars taste like candy bars (without the loads of sugar)!

Top 5 Low Carb Bars based on a huge TASTE Survey:

  • Strength Systems USA Triple Delicious Bars, Caramel Chocolate Peanut - More Info!
  • Promax Zensations Bars, Caramel Peanut Butter - More Info!
  • Labrada Lean Body Bars, Cookies N Cream - More Info!
  • MuscleTech Nitro-Tech Bars, PB Choc Chip - More Info!
  • EAS Low Carb Bars, Cookies N Cream - More Info!
Least Carbs Per Bar

Next SlimWhey Bars
13 Grams Per Bar
MuscleTech Nitro-Tech Carb Control Bars
18 Grams Per Bar
Optimum Protein Diet Bars
19 Grams Per Bar
ANSI Quick Loss Bars
19 Grams Per Bar
HFS FiProFlax Bars
20 Grams Per Bar
View All Sorted By Least Carbs - Go

Highest Protein To Carbs Ratio

Premier 1 Eight Bars
1 - 1 Ratio
Worldwide Pure Protein Bars
1 - 1 Ratio
EAS Myoplex Carb Sense Bars
1 - 1 Ratio
Everlast Energy Bar
1 - 1 Ratio
Biochem Lo Carb Deluxe Bars
1 - 1 Ratio

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  1. Foster GD, Wyatt HR, Hill JO, McGuckin BG, Brill C, Mohammed BS, Szapary PO, Rader DJ, Edman JS, Klein S. A randomized trial of a low-carbohydrate diet for obesity. N Engl J Med. 2003 May 22;348(21):2082-90.
  2. Knight EL, Stampfer MJ, Hankinson SE, Spiegelman D, Curhan GC. The impact of protein intake on renal function decline in women with normal renal function or mild renal insufficiency. Ann Intern Med. 2003 Mar 18;138(6):460-7.
  3. Marieb, Elaine. Protein Metabolism. Human Anatomy & Physiology. 2001.

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